Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hawaii Family Trip

Logan is always so excited to go anywhere and do fun things with us. This is the start of our family trip at Dillon Beach just before eating oysyters.
Logan running along the beach in slow motion.

We had loads of fun, great island foods, saw a lot of natural beauty, found some great craft beers, saw the most spectacular sunset, and went on some gorgeous hikes.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Vallery's Colorado Trip!

In July we went to Colorado for several baseball games, alpine sledding, zip lining, and some beer travel of course. Colorado was stunning and we had a blast! Logan was the cutest kid ever and was super stocked to have the world revolve around him for 8 days.
Lolo and I even got pedicures before our trip- he said it was the best feeling ever, "like walking on clouds". Haha! What a little cutie!

We started off our trip with a night in San Francisco and a game at AT&T Park.

We stayed in Breckenridge for a night and did some fun things at the Breckenridge Ski Resort, then went off to Denver for some baseball and saw Logan's old babysitter, watched the fireworks at the Rockies stadium, got to see the Rockies play the Dodgers, then off to San Diego for one last Giants and Padres game.

Logan even got into rating all of the root beers that he came across. He's going to be a regular social media fanatic like his step mom! We got to see the Lt. Dan band too! It was a great experience.

Giants game fun!!

We had our friends from the East Coast in for a visit and we decided we would take them for some good ol' fashioned Vallery Family fun: the Giants game! These boys know how to do it up- they love to get in the groove of things and our boys love them!

Fun times on the field with my boys!

Family fun with Kasandra, baby Tristan, and Lolo!

My little Lolo and I went to pick up my baby sister Kasandra and her little for a sleep over!

Such a little cutie! Auntie Jess went a little crazy with baby clothes and toys and little Lolo loves being an older cousin. :)

Baby Tristan and Logan talking baby talk. Way too cute!! 

Love my family!