Friday, December 28, 2012

We had a surprise wedding at our Christmas Dinner!!

On Christmas Tim made a beautiful meal for our close family and friends. During dinner he announced that our dear friend Calvin was going to marry us right there!!

We had a beautiful evening filled with laughter and excitement. We even had our very own Santa with a {mock} photo booth!

Christmas 2012 Tim and I said our vows- vows of which our dear friend wrote for us and even referenced our favorite, Phillip Phillips and what has become our song: "Home".

The bubbles and the flowers

Traci and Jess before the surprise!

The Rogue Beer bottle everyone signed
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Little Jordan

Kasandra, Zac & my Dad

Santa Uncle! Entertaining everyone before dinner!

 Calvin, Juj and Aaron
Uncle and Zac

Dawnyel, Uncle and Britt

Lori and Uncle Santa

Aaron, Uncle and Calvin

Haha! They love each other!

Val and Heather

Jess and Juj

Jake and Jess

Jess' Family

Jess and her Papa

Juj and Uncle

Jess's Family

Val and Uncle Santa

Cher and Uncle

Jess and Uncle

He loves his kisses!!

Uncle and my little man!!



Heather and Jake

The littles



The borrowed jewelry and Jess' ruby!

Tim and Jess' rings!!

The shoes

This is the group sitting for dinner and nobody knows what is about to happen...

And here they are surprised!!

The ceremony

Joining hands

Trying to kiss the groom TOO soon....

Forgetting what to repeat after Calvin... Oops!

He looks a little nervous that I couldn't remember a few words! :)

The actual kiss...

And now we party!

A happy father of the bride :)

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This was truly the greatest Christmas ever.